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DreamStime Review Summary

DreamStime makes use of its community based model in order to drive their website and engage more contributors and members. As per the various DreamStime reviews, it is definitely a perfect stock photography agency which will let you get involved with it and learn more and more every day from the already associated members and contributors. DreamStime’s copyright purchasing option, extensive licensing options as well as the RAW file inventory makes it totally worth trying. Besides, you can utilize your free membership and try out the power packed features of DreamStime.

DreamStime reviews claim that the search tools of DreamStime will let you conduct a proper in depth file search wherein a member can find photos with ease and using the right licensing options. However, it would have been nicer to have a subscription buying option which is rather more transparent and fairly less confusing. As of today, you are to read through the lengthy terms and conditions before you proceed your working with the DreamStime. Moreover, with the price increase on the popular files makes it really hard to gauge the prices over time.


  1. Largest Stock Photos Library
  2. Audio and Videos are also Available
  3. AI and ML help to categorize images properly
  4. Royalty free and Paid are available


  1. You can’t get videos with money, credit is must


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Are you a photographer who is on a lookout for contributing few pictures to make some money in the form of commission? Or are you a blogger or a designer who is on a look out for some photos for your own website or project? If yes, the DreamStime is possibly the best tool for all your needs with regards to your photo requirements.

Background of DreamStime

Founded, back in 2000, DreamStime was the first website that was popular for the stock images and photos. Over the time, DreamStime has developed itself as per the consumer need and today it has become the portal with the maximum number of stock photos than anyone in the industry. As part of this, the community which they have grown with themselves is also very helpful for their own growth.

Now, if you are looking forth to subscribe for the DreamStime and wish to ensure that it is worth, this DreamStime review will be very helpful for you.

DreamStime Review: What is DreamStime? How is it helpful for bloggers, photographers and designers?

DreamStime is a free and a paid provider of stock videos and photos. It works in stock photos, editorial photos, vector images, Graphics, Clipart and videos. When people upload loyalty-free illustrations, photos, videos and vectors, DreamStime pays them. After paying the people uploading the videos, it sells these images to the users across the web.

So, if you are an image creator, photographer or a designer, you can earn with DreamStime by creating a Contributor account on it for free. After your account is created, you can start uploading your photos, videos, clipart and graphics. The team of the DreamStime will take some time to review the images uploaded by you and check them for quality control. After your submitted images have been approved, you will earn some credits every time a user downloads the content provided by you.

Features of DreamStime

DreamStime has a variety of features. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.

  • DreamStime is the world`s largest stock photography community
  • It has 107 million stock photos
  • It has 25,740,073 users
  • It has 523,718 photographers
  • Around 3,912,806 images are added every month
  • It has a team of 20 Million Designers
  • It is an umbrella of both Paid and Royalty Free Stock Photos
  • Its features are powered by AI and ML

How to Sell Photos, Images & Video with DreamStime?

The first step to start selling your images on DreamStime is to register on their page for free. Now, before you upload any file on DreamStime, you must ensure that your file meets the following criteria.

  1. It must be your personal work i.e. you should own the copyright upon everything within it
  2. If it is a traced illustration, it must have the original image uploaded in the Property Release area. In case it isn’t a traced illustration, you must mention the same in the notify admin section by stating that this illustration is your own work and has been created by your from the scratch.
  3. Never, I repeat never think of uploading offensive content such as explicit nudes, drugs, people in offensive positions or pictures depicting racism.
  4. In order to increase the relevance of your image and get it more visibility, you must always add a relevant and unique description to your image. Never use all caps for the name and description.
  5. Before submission, check through all the reasons for refusals as stated by DreamStime in their guidelines.
  6. Provide for a model release for every recognizable face in your image or video.
  7. There should be a clear copyright such as the labels, logos, characters from cartoons or movies, buildings protected by a trademark (such as new sculptures), cars like Ferrari and Porsche, Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Coca-Cola bottle, the Olympic logo circles etc.

How much do you earn with DreamStime?

Whenever a transaction takes place, the contributors gets 25-50% Revenue Share. This amount is calculated on the basis of the net value of the transaction. In case, it is an exclusive file, on it you’ll get an extra 10 % bonus and the exclusive contributors get a 60% Revenue Share for every sale. In addition to this, they also make an additional bonus of $0.20 for each approved submission. Please know that this bonus on upload is limited only to the first 100 approved files in all circumstances and only for the first 10,000 approved files if in case your download rate is more than 0.1. A contributor can request for their payments from the DreamStime as soon as their balance has reached $100 and the contributor has submitted a payment request using the My account section.


After you get an approval, this file will be included in the database as a Level 1 file. As and when your file is downloaded, it gets upgraded to a higher level and on every upgrade the price you get is also increased. Here, let’s take a look at the pricing structure of the DreamStime.

Earnings for registered users

Content type Images Videos Audios
Content level 0 1 2 3 4 5
Images with 0 downloads, newer than 6 months Non-exclusive image Exclusive image Exclusive user
Earning Percentage 25% 27.5% 60%
Extra Small $0.68 $0.75 $1.63
Small $1.02 $1.12 $2.45
Medium $1.36 $1.5 $3.26
Large $2.04 $2.24 $4.9
Extra Large $2.38 $2.62 $2.62
Maximum $3.06 $3.37 $7.34


TIFF 150% of the royalties for the maximum size
Vector/RAW double the royalties for the maximum size


Subscription All-at-once $2 $2.20 $2.20
Subscription Monthly-dose $0.35 $0.42 $0.42
Extended License Subscription $13 $14.3 $26.4
Unlimited Seats $17 $18.7 $40.8
Web Usage $17 $18.7 $40.8
Print Usage $17 $18.7 $40.8


Please know that these are the maximum paid out values. As part of exclusivity clause, exclusive users also get $0.2 per accepted upload.

Revenues from extended licenses

License Non-exclusive image Exclusive image Exclusive user
SR-EL1 1 year exclusivity 50% (1/4 SR-EL price) 60% (1/4 SR-EL price) 60% (1/4 SR-EL price)
SR-EL3 3 years exclusivity 50% (3/5 SR-EL price) 60% (3/5 SR-EL price) 60% (3/5 SR-EL price)
SR-EL Sell the rights 50% 60% 60%


This is the current pricing structure and this was released in January 2010. If your credits were acquired before that, the pricing structure for it may be different. To ensure, that it keeps us with the current market standards and industry dynamics, DreamStime regularly updates its pricing.

The role of DreamStime is that it works as an agency which offers a number of quality images to the professionals in the industry along with amateur or helping professionals to sell their portfolio online.

How to become a DreamStime Photographer?

It is easy for the users to join in the ranks of already skilled and talented photographers, videographers, designers, who are already associated with DreamStime and are selling their work online.


You just need to sign up for free on their page via their website or a mobile app that is available for both Android and Apple Users.

Requirements in the Sign Up Form

  • Firstly, you have to mention the Contributor’s Details which will include your username, name and the equipment details.
  • Next, you have to mention the Contributor’s activity which would be the minimum files in portfolio and the minimum files downloaded.
  • Next, you have to mention your country details which will include the city, state, country and continent information.

And that’s it, after this, you are done and ready to become a DreamStime Photographer. So just sign up for free and start making money with DreamStime.

DreamStime Review: Explore the library of DreamStime

Since, DreamStime e holds possibly the largest number of stock photos and community, they have come up with multiple formats of collection too. Let’s take a quick look at the different formats that you can find with DreamStime. The collection of the DreamStime can be further classified into some categories. These include:

Free Photos and Images:

Under this, you can download high resolution Royalty-Free images for free.

Free Public Domain Images:

Under this, you can download the high resolution public domain (CC0) images for free.

Stock Photography Collections:

Under this, the collections are built by the various members of the site and it happens to include the work from the different photographers. In order to make a collection public, it has to have work from minimum 5 different photographers.

Royalty-Free Editorial Images & Video:

Under this, you can download celebrities, news, events, and entertainment photos. Check the editorial images collection now.

Illustrations, Vector Graphics & Clipart:

Under this category there are some 107 million beautifully designed images and scalable graphics for you to download. Check the collection today.

Stock Footage & Video:

This lets you download professionally produced royalty-free video footage.

Royalty-Free Music, Sound Effects and Stock Audio:

Under this, you can check out thousands of professionally compiled clips of music, loops and sound effects that you can use for your productions. Every stock audio file that you find in here is of broadcast quality and is just ready to be included in your latest creative production.

For audio files: The audio pricing will start from 2 credits/file

For Video Footage: The footage pricing will start from 10 credits/video

Illustration, vector graphics and clipart : The Illustrations will start from about $0.20USD/image or are free

Editorial Images: These images will start from about $0.20USD/photo or are free

Photos and Images: Stock photos and images are mostly available for free. However, it has some premium images that will start from $0.20USD/download.

How to search images or photos on DreamStime?

There are two modes for all of you to search for the images or photos, clipart or other files available in DreamStime library.

  1. Category Based:

As per the file category, DreamStime categorizes all its files under the several categories. It is the AI and ML features of DreamStime which defines all the files in several categories. It is these categories that come really handy for you to define the photos or images so that it is easier for the user to find them when needed.

  1. Free Search with File Name:

On the other hand, if you are looking for an easy way to find images, all you got to do is type in the name of the image, as needed by you. For instance, if you are looking for a peacock, just put it in search bar and you’ll get the desired result.

DreamStime Review for Photo Tools Available

  • Stock Photos by DreamStime – With this, you carry all the inspiration you need, right in your pocket So, browse, search and download those amazing fee, public domain and stock photos and illustrations, anytime, while you are on the go directly from your tablet or a smartphone.
  • DreamStime Sell Your Photos – This is an app for the contributors and this app has really made it easy for you to upload the images. Once, your images are uploaded and they are live and active, you can then use the app to track your sales and your earnings accordingly. This app is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.
  • DreamStime WordPress plugin – This lets you work with the world’s most used and trusted CMS to make it even more stronger. It helps you populate your WordPress website with an array of beautiful professional looking images directly within your WordPress backend.
  • Google GSuite plugin – Using this plugin, you can enhance your GSuite documents using the free, public domain (CC0 license) royalty free and editorial stock images. All of these and more is available for your fast and easy use using this plugin.
  • Microsoft Office add-in – Using this plugin, you get you accentuate the look and the feel of your Microsoft office documents using the fee, public domain (CC0 license), Royalty Free and Editorial stock images. All of these and more is available for your fast and easy use using this plugin.
  • DreamStime Website API – Using this plugin, you can learn as to how you can earn affiliate revenue by including the powerful features of the DreamStime into your own plugin, app or website with the help of the advanced API.

Enhanced Features of DreamStime

The features of the DreamStime are backed by AI and ML. Because of these enhances features, it is easy for DreamStime to do a set of things like:

  • copyright detection
  • image classification
  • category and keywords suggestions
  • smart cropping
  • object detection

and a lot more. As a result of these features, DreamStime is able to deliver far superior results for the users. In every tool of DreamStime, Artificial intelligence and machine learning is included.

DreamStime Review – What We Like Most?

There are a variety of things that we personally like about DreamStime but here let’s discuss the 3 most amazing things about DreamStime that will make you fall in love with it too.

DreamStime Review – High Earning Potential

Going by the current market scenario, the pay structure of DreamStime is pretty good. So, now, if you are good at what you do, you can definitely make big money with DreamStime. Some of the most proficient users of DreamStime, earn big money even in thousands every month with DreamStime.

DreamStime is accessible worldwide

Unlike those work at home opportunities, DreamStime can be joined by you from literally any part of the world. Further, the pay-out modes of DreamStime, such as PayPal, actually end to back this up for you.

Positive BBB

It is no doubt that DreamStime has a fairly good reputation in the market. And as per the current standards, the Better Business Bureau has given the power packed DreamStime an A+ rating.

Facts to be known about DreamStime

Let’s just clear it out for the world for once and all, DreamStime is not a scam. It is indeed, the most popular stock photography companies out there. As per the policy of DreamStime, the contributors are paid really well without any contributor claiming to have been duped in the past. The reputation of the DreamStime as per the Better Business Bureau is great. Moreover, given the fact that they pay out PayPal, adds to the trust of it. However, for you to be able to make real and big money with DreamStime, you need to be really professional. Be good at what you do, and you are bound to make some money with DreamStime. Also, please know and remember, with DreamStime, you can’t just upload an image and expect money to just flow like that. Put out your work for the world to see and notice and then patiently wait for it to gain popularity.

DreamStime Review for Add-ons and Special Features

The DreamStime Blog –

The blog of DreamStime is really worth a member since it is the only blog in the stock photography agencies that is purely member written and member driven. It has several active questions and answers sessions where one can see replies and queries from people across the world. This session can prove to be really helpful for both the new and the seasoned users of the DreamStime.

Stock Photo Utilities 

The stock photo utility feature of DreamStime mainly comprises suggestions, books and information. It is mainly useful for the designers out there using the DreamStime. Again, this feature is greatly useful for both the new and the seasoned members of DreamStime and we assure you that this is primarily membership driven from the DreamStime Team.

Photo Map 

In case you need some geographical images and photos, DreamStime can help you with that too. DreamStime has introduced their own photo map which is useful for the users when they wish to search for a file by country.

Merchandise Store 

Lastly, DreamStime has its own retail stores for its users and members. This store has all the merchandise of DreamStime. It adds on to their community based model and is helpful for them to create a tribe of their own.

DreamStime Review – Must To Have For

DreamStime is the best place for photographers, designers, and Bloggers for photo search and image submission.

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